Transfer KDA between any platforms

Okay so you are early enough in Kadena to even have this problem. Congratulations!

The point is this.

You own your Kadena and you want to transfer between platforms as you please. But you can’t.

Kadena has a multichain protocol. Imagine Kadena as an infinite internet of multiple blockchains that communicate with each other. It is an important innovation in the field of cryptology, and it is important to be understood as such.

There is only one problem.

The platform of your initial purchase may not have the multichain protocol supported at the moment. The common reason would be a lack of trying or pure commodity. The integration itself is fairly easy.

That means you cannot move between certain platforms directly.

If you find yourself wanting to move your KDA from one platform to another but the chains are not supported. (e.g. going from Bittrex — Chain 0 to Kucoin — Chain 1) then this article is for you.

How do I do that?

The only rule: You can only move between the same chain.

To move from Chain 0 to Chain 1 you need to have the multichain protocol available as a feature.

As of yet, the platforms that support Kadena’s multichain are the following:

  • Zelcore (Chain 0–19)
  • Chainweaver (Chain 0–19)
  • CoinMetro (Chain 0–19)
  • Torus (Chain 0–19)

If you plan on operating KDA from any of these platforms than you are safe. It doesn’t matter if you send or receive KDA, the tokens will get there automatically.

The platforms that do not support multichain as of yet are:

  • KuCoin (Chain 1)
  • Bittrex (Chain 0)
  • HotBit (Chain 0–9)
  • Coinex (Chain 0–9)

If you plan on operating your KDA from any of these platforms, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to do that and it all starts with this:

We use Zelcore as a middleman operator

If you use a desktop, make sure you download Zelcore from this link only.

If you plan on using your mobile device make sure you download the official Zelcore app from this link if you are using iOS or this link if you are using Android.

I would suggest using the desktop version to create the account. The mobile version seemed a bit buggy with account creation. But the desktop version is sound.


Step 1. Create an account.


After you’ve downloaded the desktop version, it is time to create an account.

Choose a unique username, and then choose a password. Then write them down on paper and put them in a safe.

Please be extra safe on this step, I cannot stress how important it is that you do this.

Also, make sure you activate the Create Recover Password Mechanism.


Step 2. Create a password recovery mechanism


Choose questions, answer them, and make sure you note your answers and also double down with a screenshot. Choose as many as you like.

One thing to note here, is that the recovery method only works for the same device, once the account has been added to that specific device.

If you are so unlucky that you hold KDA in Zelcore, you lose your password and also the device, your KDA is forever lost.

That’s why having your password written somewhere and double checked is extremely important.


Step 3. Register the account and log in.


You created your Zelcore wallet, congratulations, you can do basic stuff.

Now it’s time to get on to the next part, which is access your KDA wallet.


Step 4. Understanding the chains


Okay, so we kept talking about these chains. You remember the rule, right? You can only send across the same chain number, unless the platform supports the Kadena multichain protocol.

Before moving forward let’s recap the platforms and what Chains they work with.

Bittrex works on Chain 0

You can only send from Chain 0 to Chain 0 / or any multichain supported platform (CoinMetro, Torus, Zelcore, Chainweaver).

You can also send it to HotBit, as Chain 0 all the way through Chain 9 are supported.

Since Bittrex is the only Chain 0 exclusive, you would have to send it to one of the multichain supported platforms.

KuCoin is on Chain 1

You can only send from Chain 1 to Chain 1 / or any multichain supported platform (CoinMetro, Torus, Zelcore, Chainweaver).

You can also send it to HotBit, as Chain 0 all the way through Chain 9 are supported.

Since Kucoin is the only Chain 1 exclusive, you would have to send it to one of the multichain supported platforms.


Step 5. A use case example


Let’s say you want to move 200 KDA from Bittrex to Kucoin.

You go on your Bittrex wallet, and provided that it is not under maintenance, select the KDA currency and then select Withdraw.

Look for the withdrawal address on Zelcore.

Once you click on receive you will be shown your KDA address for Wallet 1. This is important as you have multiple wallets you can use at your leisure.

What for? I don’t know.

Maybe all your friends and family are Kadenians and from the 6 available wallets, you want to separate your mother’s lunch money from your friend’s debt being paid back.

Nevertheless, knowing this issue can assist you in not freaking out when you see 0 Kadena, even though you are on a different wallet. It will save the Kadena support team some time.


Step 6. Sending KDA from Bittrex to Zelcore


Now that you know the Wallet 1 KDA address you will input that into Bittrex withdrawal request, making sure that the key is correct (double check the information).

After all the 2FA authentication your KDA should be on it’s way.

It usually takes around 1 minute and if you’ve done all the steps right so far you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Tips: I sent my KDA in batches. Make sure you test first. Send 10 KDA to Zelcore, and if that worked sent the rest with full confidence.

You’ve received your KDA, congratulations! It’s time for the operation to commence.


Step 7. Better safe than sorry


There are two ways we can play this. Safe and still kinda safe.

Let’s do safe!

After you click on send you will see this window.

Our KDA is still on Chain 0 so we will click the Chain ID tab and select Chain 1.

The reason I said Safe or Still Kinda Safe but better safe, is because this allows you to send directly to KuCoin Chain ID 1 receiving address (you get that from KuCoin when you go to Deposit).

As long as you perform the transaction to Chain ID 1, KuCoin will receive that.

But let’s be safe and perform this operation first.

Use the same Wallet 1 Zelcore address that you received the initial KDA from Bittrex but change the Chain ID to 1.

This will perform a crosschain operation from Chain 0 to Chain 1 (supported by Kucoin)


  • Leave a small amount of KDA (e.g. 0,1$) for the gas fees!
  • A crosschain operation takes longer, maybe even 4 minutes. Do not panic when you see the loading graphic, that will seem like forever. It is not a bug, it is not broken, your KDA is not gone. It is normal.

The transaction is just waiting for completion so that you can get a TX ID.

After you waited patiently you will get this message with your TX ID.

So far so good. You are almost there.

Make sure you wait for a couple of minutes to get validated and then check Chain 1 to see if the KDA has arrived.

You can do it as such.


Step 8. Troubleshooting


Chances are that once you go on Chain 1 the KDA will be there.

But what if 5 minutes has passed and I don’t see my KDA? Where is the KDA? Is it lost?

It’s okay, nothing happened to your KDA.

Let’s see how we can fix that issue.

Check the transaction panel on the right and click on the last transaction that you have not received on your Chain ID 1.

Go down, find your TX ID and copy that.

After you have copied your TX ID go to this link. Kadena is awesome enough to have envisioned this problem and they allow you to fix it in case that something like this ever happens.

Put your TX ID in this space, but make sure to delete the “=” from the end of the sentence.

Then wait 2–3 seconds and click on Finish Cross Chain Transfer.

After a couple of seconds you should see the results, and it will look like this.

In my case it failed because the transaction had already been finished and I did not encounter this issue, but If I did, these steps would be exactly how to fix it with the only difference of having a SUCCESS result instead of a FAILED one.


Step 9. Send KDA from Zelcore to Kucoin


Chances are that the Chain 0 to Chain 1 crosschain transfer has been completed 4 screenshots ago.

Now all that is left to do is to send from Wallet 1 Chain 1 to Kucoin.

So make sure you get the KDA address from Kucoin before anything else.

After you have it follow these steps

Remember, leave a tiny bit of KDA for the Gas Fee when operating this transfer.

For the last operation make sure to double check the Kucoin address and that the correct Chain 1 is selected.

Tips: I sent my KDA in batches. Make sure you test first. Send 10 KDA to KuCoin, and if that worked sent the rest with full confidence.

The loading screen will be crazy fast this time.

If you’ve done everything correctly all your KDA should now be in KuCoin.


Step 10. Success!


Going from the previous platform list, you can now operate any KDA movement between any platforms as you wish.

Congrats, if you had to learn this about Kadena’s multichain protocol that means you are super early in the project.

Many thanks to Tadpole420 as he helped and explained all of this to me.



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